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What can I say about Jacky, she is my cheerleader, my confidant, and one of the most supportive people I have met throughout my career. Whether it is tough love or a shoulder to cry on you can't get better than this lady. Add to that her amazing knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to get you to find your own path to simpler sales. If you feel stuck with your business have a chat with Jacky, you won't regret it.
Business Growth Landscaper are absolutely brilliant with helping businesses with their marketing and getting business owners comfortable promoting themselves. They've certainly helped me get into the right mindset with my business. I can't recommend Business Growth Landscaper enough!
A knowledgeable, down to earth, generous and passionate coach and trainer.
Jacky Ling, and BGL are amazing. For me, Jacky "gets it" She understands the sales process completely and takes on board all of the challenges that it brings. Jacky listens, understands and then offers solutions to a given issue. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop which she ran, and also many presentations since. Jacky holds the audience well and she talks sense! I would not hesitate to book another workshop with her and wholeheartedly recommend her business to anyone who is struggling to get ahead with their sales figures!
My husband and I run two small businesses and in October of last year, we sent a member of staff from each company on the Business Breakout course. As two different characters, with differing skill sets, they both benefited hugely from their course and have on many occasions since returning, put into practice what they learnt over the two days. They both regularly refer to their books they were given (these are genius!). Prior to attending the course, Jacky came out to meet them and have an informal chat, which helped them all to know who they are, what makes them tick and what the guys hoped to achieve from the course. I cannot recommend Jacky and Business Growth Landscaper highly enough. Jacky's ability to judge, adapt and deliver - in a very matter of fact style - to totally different characters and businesses is second to none. What my guys achieved from their courses totally surpassed my expectations!
Working with Jacky from BGL was an eye-opener, she questioned me and guided me through a challenging time in my business.
Jacky is packed full of brilliant ideas to help my business grow. Even if we're just meeting for a coffee and catch up, I always leave with some action points to make happen.Thank you Jacky!
Jacky is so knowledgeable, and generous with it too. She goes out of her way to help others and genuinely loves helping young businesses thrive. She is always full of ideas and enthusiasm and is great a guiding people through tricky parts of building a business.
I love the Business Growth Landscaper social media presence.....great content, useful and practical ideas and excellent references to other material for small business growth and marketing.... if I am looking for inspiration, I always head towards BGL!
Jacky has been a fantastic support for me and my business. She is hugely knowledgeable in regards to sales and marketing for small businesses and is fantastic at coming up with advice quickly to get small business owners back on track. Jacky is a great person to have a chat with if you are stuck in a business rut. You’ll feel really motivated and inspired after seeing her! Would highly recommend.
I haven’t met Jacky h or engaged her company (yet!..), but a trusted friend clicked ‘like’ on her comment that she was thrilled at the nomination & had never won an award ’til date. 2020 is Jacky’s year, which as a career coach means big positive outcomes for her clients in these uncertain times. That deserves an awards... or at least a great night out at the awards dinner if nothing else. The world need more Jacky’s. 👏👏
Jacky Ling from Business Growth Landscaper pulled my business plan apart and then put it back together in a manner in which I could happily achieve my results. I had been overwhelmed and unsure of what to do and Jacky made the process of me understanding how to grow my business easy. She has an extensive range of knowledge and a personable yet no nonsense approach which really does help you see the wood through the trees. I highly recommend Jacky and believe she would be an ideal candidate to receive an award because her work ethic is second to none and she really does care about growing your business.
Jacky has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to growing your business. The sales strategy advice she's given me is a real game-changer and I'm confident will take me to the next stage of my business. If you're looking to grow your business, I'd recommend you get in touch with Jacky
I met Jacky recently and knew she was someone I wanted to get to know - I felt she would have an impact on me and moving my business forward. The coaching session I had with Jacky was really great - she had done her research before the call. The conversation was structured and relevant - it has helped me to focus and get clarity on some of the things I have been struggling with. I now have a direction and confidence to move forward. I will definitely be getting in touch with Jacky and working with her again.
Jacky is passionate about helping people, her brilliant advice, coaching, and positive attitude creates great results. Highly recommended.
Fantastic course! Got loads out of it and had a great time!
I highly reccomend BGL's £ a minute business coaching. Jacky is incredibly helpful and articulate. I own a fledgling business so we have to be very careful about what we invest in. I approached Jacky with a marketing problem and in an extremely short amount of time she was able to get to the bottom of the problem and offer several ideas and solutions to sort us out. I got much more out of the conversation than I expected. I now have a focussed plan of action which I am feel very confident about. Jacky knows what she's talking about, she doesn't beat around the bush, she just gives you the answers! Thanks again Jacky.
Thank you so much Jacky and Rebecca! I found the two days Great Business Breakout so helpful for my business. It was great to have some dedicated time to really focus on moving my business forward. I gained some brilliant tips that helped with my focus and motivation. I would highly recommend doing this course. Jacky and Rebecca are very knowledgeable and supportive. They can really help your business whether you are just starting off or have an already well established business.
I had a wonderful time with Jacky and Rebecca, their knowledge is fantastic and they are both such lovely people to spend time with in and out of the “class room” less than a week on and I am already benefiting from their wisdom, and I know I will continue to grow my business successfully because of their guidance. Thank you Jacky and Rebecca
Attended the recent Great Business Breakout with Jacky & Rebecca. Two days taken out of my business life and I came away feeling that I would not have achieved the focus and knowledge in two years!! Thank you s much ladies and also for the continued after support in the private facebook group.
A great couple of days on the Great Business Breakout! Couldn't recommend this highly enough for any business that wants to refine their sales & marketing strategies! Brilliant content with just the right amount of discussion and practical activities delivered brilliantly by Jacky and Rebecca. The five lakes resort offered the perfect place to escape the office for a few days. I think i'm still full from the constant supply of food, they certainly knew how to keep me happy!!
BGL has helped me to understand what I am doing well now, what I need to work on and how to bring in more of the clients I want to be working with. I am challenged to change the way I have worked in the past and how I can do things differently in the future. It is not always comfortable, but is always constructive. And so useful to have a someone help me work ON my business, not just IN it. Amazing.
It was a pleasure to work with Jacky. She tailored our training session to our specific training needs and made the whole day enlightening and nail bitingly exciting. Can not wait to see the results of increased sales, thank you
Jacky is an absolute gem. I'd been looking for a business coach for quite a while, but hadn't met anyone who I felt understood me and my business. Then I came across Business Growth Landscaper and - hurrah - found exactly what I needed. Jacky's advice is spot-on and she's one of those people who exudes positivity. I also love her 'no nonsense' approach. You really do get your money's worth out of every minute of her time and she came to our meeting clearly having researched my situation and with truly insightful questions and suggestions lined up. Since our session last week, I've felt utterly reenergised, have a sense of clarity and drive to go forward, and I can't wait to work with her again.
I attended the Great Business Breakout, co-run by Jacky. This is a great event and I highly recommend it. Jacky Ling and Rebecca Thornton facilitated an excellent event which had a huge amount of planning and preparation behind it. Also excellent resources to take away and used after the event, and a follow-up 1-2-1 with Jacky Ling. Jacky is passionate about helping people, and has a wide range of skills and experience to make this seem so effortless. I have no hesitation in recommending her and the Great Business Breakout.
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