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Sports massage therapy and rehabilitation for soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, joint issues , arthritis & migraines

BodyWorks Sports Massage


Are you suffering from common soft tissue injuries, joint problems, arthritis or sports injuries? Bodyworks Sports Massage Therapy in Cornard Leisure Centre, Great Cornard, offers therapy & rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions.

Bodyworks will endeavour to deliver individualised, authentic and focused treatments with a  thorough assessment of your injuries, followed by injury rehab, to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

About BodyWorks

Sam Neill is passionate about helping people recover or manage their soft tissue injuries, sporting injuries and those everyday stresses. In 2017 Sam suffered from severe back pain which caused not just long term aggravation and limitation, but a long battle with dealing with excruciating pain. It was the start of a 3 year battle with recovery. But it was during this recovery that sparked Sam’s interested in the anatomy of the body and understanding how it works. After passing his Sports Massage Therapy and human anatomy exams with flying colours, he founded BodyWorks.

Sam knows what it’s like to live with back pain and there’s nothing that brings him more satisfaction than working with clients to help them back to full health, so they can return to enjoying their lives, hobbies and interests.


  • Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy qualification
  • Therapeutic Ultra Sound 
  • First Aid


Treatments & Therapies

Sports Massage Therapy

BodyWorks sports massage therapy can help you overcome everyday stresses, help treat common soft tissue injuries as well as sports related injuries. These include:


  • Ham string issues,
  • Lower back pain
  • Pulled or teared muscle
  • Tendonitis issues,
  • Ligament problems,
  • The rehabilitation of weak core muscles,
  • Runners and cyclist’s IT Band problems,
  • Shoulder rotator cuff problems


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Stress & Tension Relief

As well as treating sports injuries, Bodyworks also specialises in the relief of stress, tension and anxiety that builds up within the mind and body. Their experience has shown this to be a significant factor of soft tissue imbalances and injuries. They put the focus on getting you back to your best.


Headache and Migraine relief

BodyWorks specialises in the relief of migraines and headaches. They will work alongside you to help find and relieve extreme tension caused by the triggers of your migraine.

Ultrasound Therapy 

Probably the only clinic in the area that offers this treatment. The soundwaves in this treatment, help promote healing and remove scar tissue. Ultrasound therapy is included in all treatments


Other treatments:

Heat Therapy/ Cold Therapy

Sports Taping: to offer extra support for your joints and muscles. This is a included as part of  your therapy if requested. 


Contact BodyWorks

To book an appointment or express an interest please contact BodyWorks here

The clinic at Cornard Leisure Centre is open Monday- Wednesday 6pm-10pm and Saturdays: 9am-2pm. You can book and appointment here  or email Sam here

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