When did you last change the oil?
29th April 2014
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Oil is quite simply the lifeblood of your car.  You can clean, polish, tidy, hoover, fuel up, insure, change the tyres (v important though!),  change your brakes (also v important!), get a full service and quite literally spend all of your time worrying about what else needs doing, how often and how much it is going to cost!!

Of course, if you do all these things then you will have one very 'looked after' car, that I can guarantee you!
But how much of it all is completely necessary?  Well, the brakes and tyres that I mentioned are of course necessary and I would commend you to having these checked outside of your normal to schedule - a six month safety check if you like.  This is of course not entirely necessary as your mot should ensure that your brakes will last another 12 months motoring, but what if you have a high mileage year?  If you can't stop your car, you can't prevent an accident can you?!?
Tyres are slightly different.  The mot only has to confirm that they are legal at the time of the test, their legality may only last a month or two more.  You as the car owner need to ensure that they remain legal - I see a lot of cars on the road with illegal or barely legal tyres (and remember you may get either, or both, points on your licence and a fine if the police pick it up!)
Outside of this I would recommend at least a basic service on an annual basis.  This does not need to cost a great deal and most garages will offer a service for less than £100.  But, what is the absolute minimum basic that you need to do?   This brings me back to the opening of this blog, and that is oil.
Your engine oil ensures that the engine runs smoothly and sweetly, lubricating all of those many, many metallic moving parts.  Imagine those moving parts flowing smoothly with a nice thin film of fresh oil between them - that is what they need.  After 10,000 miles however, your engine oil is a black sticky mess, full of crud, dirt, gunge and what amounts to iron filings created by the wearing down of your engine components.  The oil filter is designed to remove these things from the oil, but there is a limit to how much it can take.  It is therefore absolutely imperative that you give your engine the best chance of operating in the optimum and safest conditions with the maximum chance of longevity.
A regular oil and filter change will make all the difference and enable this to happen.  It costs very, very little to change your oil and filter and will ensure that your engine will operate nicely, reduce breakdowns/failures and ultimately last the duration.
To book your car in for an oil and filter change, why not call Holbrook Garage today on 01453 898011 or visit the website HERE.
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