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26th March 2014
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The weather has just dramatically improved and the days are getting longer. More importantly, the water levels are subsiding and things are drying out!

And that means that it's....time for Golf! Yes, we golfers will be coming out from our winter recess (particularly the fair weather golfers amongst us), building our swings back up, dusting off the clubs and getting out on the course.

Unfortunately, one thing this may also mean is sore backs and poor golf!

Now there is a local solution for all of us in Stroud and the surrounding area, and that is the golf specific personal training offered by Personal Best Studios.

This is geared around building your golf specific strength (thereby helping to prevent any golf related back injuries) and helping to build your golf swing correctly (thereby improving your swing, consistency and strength).

Personal Best's philosophy is that your swing should feel natural and you should be fully at ease when you are playing. Also, many golfers have a physical restriction that prevents them from getting into the right positions, holding those positions through the swing and as a result, connecting correctly with the ball. Personal Best's trainers will identify your restrictions and correct them by working on your postural strength, stability, mobility and power.

Simon Sveder Cain is Personal Best's specialist golf trainer. Simon can offer you a complete golf specific fitness assessment and tailor a suitable program for your goals. He can also provide instruction on all these exercises and send you off you with a golf specific fitness program to take home.

A key aspect of your assessment will be the Titleist Performance Institute designed screen tests. Once you have completed the tests you end up a bespoke program of exercises that are designed to unlock your full golf potential. You will also get instruction in pre and post golf exercises to help reduce the risk of injury.

For further details check out the Personal Best Studio web feature HERE or call them today on 01453 873811.

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