Spring Garden Tidy-Up Time!
31st March 2014
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Garden in a mess and don't know where to start?

Spring is here and the gardens are starting to grow. In about 2 weeks time it will be into full-on growth and it will be difficult to keep up!

The grass has already started to build to it's spring growth spurt (I've already mowed once and the next is already due!), there's still a few leaves around, gardens are littered with twigs and branches from the winter high winds, the moss has set into lawns from the damp winter, fences have been damaged by the high winds, the weeds are back into life (the dandelions are already out!), borders need clearing and trimming, pruning needs tending, guttering needs clearing.........I could go on...and on....and on!!

All this means some busy weekends to come, some back -breaking hard graft, several recycling trips to get rid of the waste, new tools from the garden centre, plants, weed killer, lawn feed..... If you're like me, then you will be exceptionally happy once it's all done and your garden looks great, but you're probably not looking forward to all the effort that needs to be out in to get it up to scratch!

Well, there is a local solution. Parry's Home and Garden Maintenance are experts in garden spring cleaning! Whatever it is, they are can do it - whether it is a spring clean/tidy up or a bigger more extravagant job, they have the expertise.

You can check out the web feature HERE, or call them today on 01453 569826

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