Solar panels, what is your view?
22nd June 2014
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It may just be me, it may be due to technology changes or it may be reducing prices, but the uptake on fitting solar panels seems to be on the up?

Not that long ago the sight of solar panels on the roof of a residential house seemed to be very unusual - I could probably count on one hand the amount I had seen in the local area.  But now, I think I can probably count that many just in my neighbouring streets.
So, the feed-in-tarif may well have supported some of this growth, but also I think technology has advanced somewhat and prices have also reduced a little, making it a more affordable and viable option.
I also get the general impression that panel designs have changed for the better, making the resulting wall of panels much less obtrusive and easier on the eye.
Does anyone have any firm ideas, beliefs or views on:
1. How solar panels look?
2. Are they more popular now?
3. If so, what has driven the increased popularity?
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