Where is a great Sailing club in the Cotswolds?
5th June 2014
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Are you a member of a sailing club in the Cotswolds?  If so, opinions please!

I am a member of Frampton on Severn sailing club - a delightful club on the edge of the Cotswolds, in the village of Frampton on Severn (the village with the longest village green in the country!).  
I chose the club having been to look at quite a few others in the Cotswolds, my choice was eventually largely driven by proximity to home coupled with club activities available(and a little bit because I just really liked the surroundings there!).... And I'm pleased to say that I'm very happy with my choice (and would thoroughly recommend the club to any prospective members, see the club website HERE).
However, I'd be interested in views of others in terms of:
A. What other sailing clubs are available in the Cotswolds and why you think that they are great?
B. What were your criteria when you chose your current club (or what would they be if you don't currently have a club)?
C. What do other clubs offer that you really find useful or particularly like?
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