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3rd April 2014
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Are you a business owner?  Are you looking for something to make your business stand out locally?

If so, then thebestof is the marketing platform for you. The days of getting a website to differentiate yourself from your competition are over - literally everyone has a website these days, even those that don't need one! Times and technology have moved on, in particular, Google has moved on!

One of the major drivers that can send traffic to your website these days is fresh, unique content. Now, if you have a website already then it is almost certainly unique, but when did you last add any new content on there? Google loves any new content and uses it to rank you in it's search results. So, in a nutshell, plenty of new content equals good google search results.

This is where thebestof comes in, as we have loads of local businesses on our sites, we are continually adding new, fresh content, which in turn means that your business will perform well with google as a result of being a thebestof member. One of the ways we generate new content is by getting our member businesses to collect reviews/testimonials about their business.

This is a brilliant move on two accounts. Firstly, it generates that steady stream of new content that we all need to boost the performance with google, but secondly it generates a real up-to-date database of independent customer validations, for your business, for you to shout about to potential new customers in proving that you are really excellent at what you do.

How do you get in on this act I hear you ask? Well, of course the first step is to get on board with your local thebestof. Once you are onboard all you need to do is ensure that you collect reviews from your customers, it is free, easy, quick and any satisfied customer is always more than willing to tell you how pleased they are with the great service that you have provided.

So, for all you thebestof members, get collecting those reviews!

For all those non members, give us a call today on 01453 569828

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