21st May 2014
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There has been rumour this year, and it has been loosely reported in the press, that the usual guidelines of five-a-day that we have known and loved for some time now may well not be enough.  It has been suggested that the total daily intake of fruit and vegetables should be pushing up to more like 10 items per day, which I believe has been the Australian guideline for some time too.

So, what does everyone think about this?  Personally, if I ate 10 items or fruit and veg in a day I don't think I would be able to eat anything else (and I'm quite a big guy with a healthy appetite!).  I do however strive to make sure that I manage 5 items, and I do use juicing/smoothies to achieve this.  I find it really helps me as I can get a good hit of 2 or 3 items in one go which means the target of 5 is pretty easily achievable.  But 10  I think I would find much more difficult.
What are your thoughts on:
1. Is 5 items sufficient or should we be pushing 10?
2. How much of an item actually constitutes ONE item of the 5 (or 10!)?
3. What juicing/smoothie recipes/methods do you use?
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