How to sleep well this summer
26th May 2017
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Research has shown that high temperatures have a direct impact on bedtimes, making it more difficult to doze off and reducing the quality of sleep. So, what can we do to stop the heat taking its toll on our precious slumber? The Bath Chronicle have some useful tips:


  • Keep curtains or shutters closed during the day to stop heat from building up
  • Open windows in the house to establish a good flow of air, however, exercise caution if on the ground floor due to the higher risk of burglary
  • Bring an electric fan into the room to circulate cool air
  • Use a light duvet with a low tog rating or swap it for a light cotton sheet which helps to absorb perspiration
  • Keep a glass of cold water next to your bed to help you stay hydrated during the night


Don’t forget to stay safe in the sun too, making sure you apply sunscreen and keep hydrated. Enjoy the summer and sleep well in the heat!

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