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31st January 2011
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Green Man Stoves:

It is important to have your chimney swept at least once a year - For stove efficiency, to reduce the risk of a chimney fire and to prevent your liner corroding from a build up of tar.


Services offered by Green Man Stoves:

  • Chimney Sweep         £40 (+ £40/hr if req’d)
    Stove Service and Chimney Sweep £96
  • Stove & Flue Maintenance Safety Kit £135
    Moisture Meter, Thermometer, Chimney Cleaning Log, 100 Firelighters, Fire Blanket, CO Alarm, Stove Paint
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm £24.99


The Government’s Feed in Tariff scheme (FITs) pays an average of 42.8p/unit of electricity generated by a roof mounted solar PV system guaranteed for 25 years, index linked & tax free.


A typical well-situated 12 panel system realistically produces around 2600 units/year, returning in excess of £1100 a year. A typical installation cost is approximately £12,500 - a return of around 9%, (increasing each year).

Green Man Stoves are fully accredited with the Mircrogeneration Certification Scheme and can provide customer references. 
Call for advice and/or a free survey.


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