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19th May 2014
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As we have a terrific bit of football history on our doorsteps at Forest Green Rovers, a fantastic local club with a long and great footballing heritage, I thought that there may be some local opinion on the staggering amounts of money being spent at the highest level.

FGR have a terrific history in the Conference and have to operate largely on the basis of free transfers, loans or small transfer payments - I believe the club record is around the £35k mark.  This puts the onus on the manager and his coaching team to build and improve their current playing squad into a better team, source local talent and only very occasionally venture into the transfer market with a very modest purse to play with!
Arsene Wenger will have £100m to spend, and is likely to only be looking at 2 or 3 players with that amount in his purse!
What are your views on:
1. What is right and what is wrong here?  
2. Which financial model encourages the best out of football?
3. Which manager has the toughest job?
4. Are either/both footballing models sustainable?
Forest Green Rovers are always on the lookout for new supporters (and players!), have a fabulous local facilities that the community can make the most of and run some equally fabulous local offers like mascot deals and 'kids go free' at specific games.  
Check out their website HERE
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