Fancy a skiydive tor Charity? Why not "Jump In July"?
7th March 2013
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Organised together with sky diving company Skyline, it will be available in 23 different locations, including Cotswold Airport in Cirencester.

Novice skydivers will tandem free fall 5,000ft at speeds up to 120mph before the parachute opens. An instructor controls the descent and landing – the only way to do a freefall without spending thousands of pounds on advanced training.

Natalie Tarrant, senior fundraising manager at WCRF, said: "This is an incredibly exhilarating experience and a great chance to do something exciting at the same time as raising money for a worthwhile cause." The training and jump is completed in just a day and each parachutist will get a 'two-mile high' tandem skydive certificate. WCRF is also offering a 3,000ft static line jump, where the parachute opens automatically shortly after leaving the aircraft, or a 10,000ft solo freefall for those who can raise £360 or £535 respectively. The training and jump for both take place over two days. Participants need to raise a minimum of £395, and can book jumps at

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