FA Changes and Forest Green Rovers
11th May 2014
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Have you heard the suggested changes to the Football League structure and caps on foreign players suggested by the FA recently? 

There are suggestions that this is not a great deal for clubs lower down the leagues.
Have you got an opinion? If so, then read on.
The proposed changes from the FA seem to be a good call, and long overdue, in terms of how we as a nation can rejuvenate the national team.  When we look at stats that show that only 23% of Premier League players were eligible to play for England this year, it is clear that something needs to be done.
However, the changes being suggested for the league structure, the dividing of the Conference and the inclusion of B teams is not necessarily good news for those in the lower divisions.  What does this mean for Conference teams or those in the current tier 3 and 4 of the football league?  They are highly likely to come up against the likes of big Premier league B teams and could therefore affect their chances of progressing up the league ladder.
Equally, what happens to the other half of the Conference, teams with aspirations of getting to, or returning to, the football league itself?
Personally, I think it is a well overdue decision as something needed to be done about the number of foreign players playing at the highest level and the effect that this has on the number of, and availability of, English players at a standard to enable the national team to compete on the World stage.  But,  I'm not convinced that the changes will benefit all clubs, particularly those in the lower tiers.
I'd be very interested in your thoughts so please start the discussion here.
One thing is for absolute certain, we need to get behind and stay behind our local club, give them the maximum support that we can and ensure that we do our bit to support our local club and give them the best chance to ride out the changes that are about to be enforced upon them.
Check out the FGR website HERE or see our EVENTS pages for their fixture lists.
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