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18th March 2014
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It's nearly Easter....which means it's DIY time! For some reason, Easter is the time when we all decide to get those 'projects' done on the house, attic, garden, garage etc etc...

This is great stuff and I'm a big fan myself if I'm honest (actually I do it all year, but the change in weather is a real trigger to get things started). Now, I'm pretty handy around a toolbox and around the house, but there are some tasks that are just not worth the risk of attempting yourself.....and anything involving Electricity is one of them for me!

Electrical regulations and the associated British Standards are complicated and intricate. While it is not beyond anyones capability to get hold of them, read and understand them, their application is very much best left to the professionals.  They live and breath these regulations and therefore know them inside out - which means they know exactly the best way to do your job quickly, effectively and, more importantly, safely.  In fact, the British Standards are designed for your safety and the safety of your lets ensure we use them by using some quality professional services for all those electrical tasks you have as part of your Easter project.

Thebestof Stroud recommends Cirrus Electrical Services, highly qualified, highly experienced and highly accredited.

Check out their website and independant business reviews HERE... and call them on 01453 568025.


Another great local Stroud supplier for your DIY projects is Green Shop in Bisley. They have a great range of environmentally friendly products to support the majority of your DIY needs. To top that, they also have some great offers on at the moment - check out both their website, reviews and offers.

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