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4th October 2017
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Proven to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep, many studies have revealed the positive impact that books have on your sleep health. But for millennials, this literature often comes in the form of an electronic touchscreen, with a side helping of lots of blue light. With e-book sales on the decline, is it time to dust off your bookshelf and go back to reading the old-fashioned way?

In 2016, ebook sales fell whilst print book sales continued to grow. This shift is largely credited to people preferring to hold a physical copy of a book. Studies have revealed that readers have more of an emotional connection with print books, and find it easier to concentrate on them in comparison to ebooks. Plus, avoiding that bright light that is emitted from an electronic device is a proven winner to help you improve your quality of sleep.

Whether you’re an e-reader or a fan of print, at Saymor we want to help you release your inner bookworm. That’s why this month we’re launching our Book at Bedtime feature, where we’ll give you a monthly book recommendation to read as part of your bedtime routine. Follow along on our Facebook pages and sleep well this autumn! 

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