Beat off the winter blues
30th September 2014
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It's been a lovely summer, loads of outdoor activities and fresh air, beautiful long days and lots of things to do, but now time is against us and its time to sort out some really positive activities, hobbies, sports, interests - whatever we can, to ensure we don't succumb to the winter blues once the season sets in.

It doesn't need to be daily, expensive, time consuming or require lots of travel. It can also be either group or individual.  Just something to look forward to throughout the week, something that's really going to get you 'fired up' and excited.
Some of you may be building up fitness for a skiing holiday, others may be into winter season sports (football/rugby), it may be art & crafts based, performing arts, learning an instrument.... the list goes on!  But an activity that gets you up and positive is a great thing to get through the winter months.
If anyone has any suggestions for activities, locations or businesses that can provide or local groups that people can join, then please post them up.
To start the ball rolling, let me introduce Personal Best Studios in South Woodchester, just outside Stroud.  A wonderful place for all your fitness and personal training needs, in particualr they do a great Golf fitness program, ideal to get your game up to scratch over the winter period.
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