5 things to do in Stroud - in Reverse!
20th May 2014
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One of the most popular themes for blog post, tweets and Facebook messages these days is the '5 things' about, or 'to do', or 'reasons', or 'ways to do' something.

This just got me thinking, as I quite like reading these posts myself, they tend to be useful advice, snippets of information or great events to see.  So, I thought I would see if we can do this in reverse!?!?
So the idea is, I post the 5 things theme, and you let me know what you think is best via the blog.  We'll see how we got on in terms of time and I'll post the most popular (or top 5) as the results.  
It'll be a great way to advertise your local events, open days, charity fundraisers, local sports participation and local places to go.
So get posting - '5 Best things to in Stroud this Summer'
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