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Alex and Amber really make this gym as amazing as it is. The atmosphere is incredible and so friendly. They're more than happy to help anyone and everyone and I am proud to be a part of this gym. (PS Rollo the gym dog is an added bonus)
When I was at rock-bottom (both emotionally and physically), these wonderful people and their professional yet open and friendly service(s) they provide gave me an outlet, a hope and ambition. Thank you Gainz!
Amber and Alex have created something very special for St Neots, the quality is unrivalled and the atmosphere they have crafted makes it a great gym.
Great gym, great atmosphere, great owners, great people, great dog, great Gainz!
Gainz Fitness & Strength Gym St Neots - Its the SHIT!!
Gainz has really invigorated my gym time. Good equipment and atmosphere, all led by Alex and Amber. A really positive local business doing good things
Really nice gym with friendly and helpful staff, good equipment that is well looked after. I like it because its an independent locally owned gym.
Love working here, great music, great members, even great member perks plus open 24/7 so I always have time to train.
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