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Salop Technology, Shrewsbury

I bought a refurbished laptop from Salop Technology only to find slight damage to the ports and a small crack in the casing. I contacted the retailer and, as the office was closed, left a message on their answerphone. Within a very short space of time,the manager,Mike, called me from his home, apologised for the damage and inconvenience and advised that if I return the item, they would replace it with like for like. I called the following Monday and met Victoria who was fully aware of the scenario, again, very apologetic and immediately provided me with a like for like replacement. I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the service, the product, the value but mostly the positive and rapid resolution provided. I fully expected a 'discussion' over what would happen next, but to ring me from home, offer an immediate replacement without question or debate was truly remarkable!! Well done to all at Salop Technology, a great example of great customer service. Thank you., Steve Minshall, Ruyton-X1-Towns.