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Netley Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Shrewsbury

These guys are fantastic. I know my pooch can be a bit of a handful and he's very excitable. I was a bit worried that he'd be too much for them to be fair but they where great with him. I liked that while I was away they posted some pics of him on the Facebook page and he looked really happy, it was good to see he was enjoying himself. I will book him in with them again, even if it's just so he can see the lovely staff there.

Darwin Glass & Glazing, Shrewsbury

Did a great job, I work during the day so he was very helpful in working around my hours. I cant say I'm an expert on how much it costs for window repairs but the price I payed was more than reasonable in my opinion. He was also concerned about leaving a mess and did clean up after himself.