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The Flooring Fitter, Shrewsbury

Errol has just fitted a laminated floor in our lounge and it looks AMAZING! We knew Errol was a cool guy but to have him fit a floor expertly in just one day was a godsend. He is now quoting for our bedrooms!

Paws At Home, Shrewsbury

We have used Linda for house sitting, dog and cat sitting, and dog walking for years. She loves animals plus it is good to know when we are away that the house is being looked after as well as the animals!

Darwin Wealth Management Ltd, Shrewsbury

Med looks after a range of insurance policies for me as well as investments and investment advice. He was also fantastically supportive when my father passed away and I needed assistance with paperwork stretching back many years. A really knowledgeable, friendly and thoroughly decent man to know.

Shrewsbury Town Football Club, Shrewsbury

We have held two business networking events at Venue 1886, Shrewsbury Town FC, and both were a great success. Hopefully my content had something to do with it... but guests commented on the superb facilities, food and of course the ease of parking. A great choice, and the hospitality team are very easy to deal with and get hold of.

Computer Therapy, Shrewsbury

We couldn't log onto our Accounts laptop, totally stopping our admin for the day (but in a bad way!). As a matter of urgency we contacted Graham and he was round within the hour. The best case of speedy service ever! He quickly diagnosed the problem - and it was something I couldn't have spotted or solved in a million years. Half an hour later and the laptop was up and running at full efficiency. All this technical knowledge plus reliability and friendliness. 10/10.

Shrewsbury Chiropractic Clinic, Shrewsbury

I've had a recurring neck injury and rather than soldier on in ignorance I thought I'd get it looked at properly. See someone who would treat it rather than just tell me to rest! I've never been to a chiropractor before so wasn't sure what to expect. But Jon is easy to talk to and after checking me over was able to give a clear picture of why I'd been feeling pain. His treatments really 'got in there' (!) and for the first time in ages I've got full and free movement of my neck. For anyone experiencing neck / back pain, particularly sports injuries, I'd highly recommend a visit to Jon Sharp.

Bespoke Computing Ltd, Shrewsbury

I recently asked Bespoke Computing to arrange a back-up system for my business. Previously Iʼd been backing my files up to memory sticks and external hard drives - the usual. But then it clicked if my office got burgled or there was a fire I could risk losing ALL my data! It only took about 10 minutes to install Bespokeʼs back-up software and the whole process was painless and easy-to-understand. I even received follow-up calls from the team to make sure all was well. So now I can be assured my business files are backed up safely and securely away from the office. All this plus the price was great. An exceptional service indeed.

Netley Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Shrewsbury

Friendly, nice accommodation, good service and family-run. Couldnʼt ask for much more really. We were putting our dogs into kennels for the 1st time and were pretty nervous. But we neednʼt have worried. You can tell that the Oakleys love animals and that is probably the most important thing.

Darwin Direct, Shrewsbury

Talk about setting up hassle-free car insurance! One quick call to Sam and Tracy and within a couple of days I had saved myself money. And I know that if I need to chat in the future, I can easily get hold of them rather than being stuck in a queue to some call centre.

Albright Hussey Manor Hotel, Shrewsbury

Stayed in The Hussey suite for my wedding. 4-poster bed, the biggest bath I've ever seen, a wonderful, wonderful start to married life!! The family team sees that The Albright Hussey runs with perfect efficiency, and the location is something to behold. Where else can you see black swans and a moat in Shropshire?!

Write Here, Shrewsbury

Weʼre always popping in to buy our cards from Write Here. Rather than getting the same old ones you can buy anywhere, John Hall has some unique collections. We recently had a baby girl and half the cards we got were the same! If only theyʼd known about Johnʼs shop!

Albright Hussey Manor Hotel, Shrewsbury

Fantastic venue for romantic meals. I took my wife to the Albright Hussey for her birthday and the evening was faultless. We got a lovely little nook just for two and the steak was the best I've ever tasted!

Michael Martin Photography, Shrewsbury

MIchaelʼs got all the gear and experience youʼd want for your photos; for us heʼs done superb family pictures, natural and candid, as well as catered for large events such as weddings, fashion shows and particularly equestrian / sports doʼs. And heʼs a nice, unobtrusive guy too, so you donʼt get someone bossing you about telling you where and how to stand!

Albright Hussey Manor Hotel, Shrewsbury

Had my wedding reception there. Sumptuous ballroom and the level of food and service for our 100+ guests was unbeatable. Paul Subbiani, manager, even had a special earpiece gadget for him to communicate effortlessly with the kitchen. Cannot recommend highly enough.