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Mango Valeting, Shrewsbury

We took advantage of Mango's new business park service and had our car valeted as we worked... and what results! If you think getting your car washed at the supermarket does the same job even as a mini valet, you're wrong! The exterior was noticeably shinier, the trims cleaner, wheels dressed and alloys the cleanest they've ever been.... Plus the results last longer. Give Mango a call and see for yourself, especially if you work in a Shrewsbury business park. Mobile valeting is just so convenient.

Salop Glass & Glazing, Shrewsbury

Mick and the team at Salop Glass replaced all the double glazed units in our house. This included two large gallery windows, which can't have been an easy task. The installation was quick and painless and the fitters were a real friendly bunch. A great service from start to finish.

Bespoke Computing Ltd, Shrewsbury

Our building does not make for the best wireless network signal, so we spoke with Chris @ Bespoke. He recommended these booster units which simply plug into the mains - and hey, presto, the signal for my laptop has gone from ʼlowʼ to ʼexcellentʼ! Cost effective, easy to set up and there was even a folllow-up call to make sure everything was OK.

MBP Auto Services, Shrewsbury

Took my CRV in for an MOT and service rather than use the main dealers, which I have always done before. Marino and his team at MBP were very friendly, helpful and super efficient. The car was looked at by the time they said it would and I picked it up no problems at the end of the day. In terms of price, MBP were brilliant too. They now have one more loyal customer!

Stella Six - Press & PR, Shrewsbury

Nev does all our PR and to date has got us great exposure in the Shropshire Star, Shropshire Star Business Supplement, and The Chronicle. Professional, approachable, a good range of PR packages... plus he manages to put me at ease when heʼs taking the photos!

The Golden Cross Hotel, Shrewsbury

A warm, plushly decorated restaurant where Theresa always makes us feel at home. Their crispy belly of pork is my favourite but the sumptuous restaurant room is just as brilliant as the food. Truly unique.

Shrewsbury Park & Ride, Shrewsbury

My mum and I love the Park & Ride. We park at Bicton, pay our pound and are soon in the centre of Shrewsbury without having the hassle and cost of multi storeys.