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ai eBeen to Salop leisure a few times and all has been very good, But last Sunday on my way to Leister i decided to pop in and have a look around, It was very busy as they had a show on. Howevr i asked about a certain item which they did not have , No problem there, I then noticed the water hose accesory that fits on the water barrel at £40, Saw the same item and make in Flintshire for £28, Then i spotted a Cadac BBQ at £79 and bought it from a very polit assistant, I then asked do they price match as if they did i would havec purchased the water hose, He politly said they did not, No problem with that, Then a large Assistant in the background with glasses and curly hair askes what item we were looking at, I politly told him and he came back with a enthusiastic sarcastic tonade an told me to sntch their hand off.Like i said no problem with them not price matching, BUT WHY THE SARCASTIC ANSWERE FROM SOME ONE WHO WAS NOT EVEN SERVING ME ? Not saying wont go back there, But i shall pick who i deal with. Maybe he missed the course on hoew to win frinds nd influence people. Because of that member off staff i will only give a three stars as it spoilt our visit.
Delicious coffee and cakes. Lots of seating, very clean. Good all-round facilities, and cheery staff.
I had a business meeting and chose Love Coffee. Not only was the service (and coffee!) excellent, the fast and easy-to-connect-to WiFi meant I could use my laptop hassle-free. A+++
Although I am yet to commit to purchasing a new caravan, the staff here showed us around and patiently answered numerous questions. We will be back...
Our family have been using Salop Leisure for what seems an eternity - we have purchased several caravans and parts over the years, wicked service and the staff are very helpful - also a nice coffee if you get five minutes to pop in
Excellent service from Sam in sales; no pressure enabled us to choose the right van without feeling the need to make a decision there and then. We would certainly recommend the Company to our friends and ask them to seek Sam out. He was a delight to work with, a quality seldom seen in a forever pressured market where "sealing the deal" is what is important. THIS IS NOT SALOP'S way and long may it continue. (We had called into Salop Leisure for our third yearly caravan service and left having bought a different caravan!!!!)
First class service from all the staff. The service provided by Salop Leisure I do not think can be bettered. Keep up the good work.
We received excellent service throughout our transaction at Salop Leisure Limited.
Every time we come to Salop Leisure Ltd we find all the staff very cheerful and helpful. It's a pleasure to visit.
I think the staff at Salop Leisure Limited, Shrewsbury are the best in the business.
Salop Leisure Ltd is a nice company to deal with. The staff are friendly and helpful.
We were treated exceptionally well at all times and are delighted with our caravan.
We have been treated excellently and we feel we have a solid relationship with Salop Leisure.
I meet friends at Salop Leisure at least twice a month as their cafe does the best coffee and sandwiches in town! Lots of parking right outside, a lovely building and very clean facilities.
Whenever my wife and I come to Shrewsbury, we visit Salop Leisure. We are big fans of the outdoors and I can see why they changed their name from Salop Caravans! Caravans and Motorhomes are there, of course, but also a huge range of outdoor accessories. The restaurant is superb too, overall a very impressive building.
lots of coffee, lots of cakes and lots of parking! cafes don't get much better for me! Salop Leisure is very light and airy and the staff pleasant. The toilets are nice and clean too, which is really important, something a number of restaurants don't seem to realise.... There's a flower stall next to Love Coffee now, a lovely sight and smell as soon as you walk in.
I love coffee and I love Love Coffee (if you see what I mean...!). I visit Salop Leisure's cafe at least once a week, I'd say as the location and service is excellent. I'm not much of a town person, so Love Coffee suits me down to the ground. The girls there are friendly and there never seems to be a problem getting a seat, even when it's really busy. Sometimes I'll go for a sandwich or a pastry but always the coffee. A superb choice, whether you're into caravans or not!
If I'm that side of town, I'll always have my meetings at Love Coffee. Fantastic flavour coffee, snacks if I want, plus a relaxed, not-overly-crammed-with-tables setting. Some places you're squashed in like cattle - not so at Love Coffee. Highly Recommended.
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