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National award winning Oxford hairdresser is nominated for the presitigious International Trophy.
The snow can't stop the show going on! I've been keen to get back to work this week. Last week's extra holiday was a lovely bonus, but 2010 must start now!
If this week’s Siberian blizzard has reminded us of anything, it may be that there is still an appetite, and indeed an essential need, for neighbourhood closeness.
Some thoughts about the best of local food in Oxford and it's importance to the business and consumer communities in the city.
Moving to the Oxford area
Moving to the Oxford area
When moving to a new area, people want to know local information such as good businesses and amenities. Our aim is to provide this!
The Best of Oxford is pleased to announce the making of footballing history! Oxford City Casuals met Banbury United for a friendly football match last Monday, both teams being comprised entirely of players with learning disabilities.The event would never h
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