Your Views - What are Oswestry's main traffic hotspots?
10th January 2012
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It's looking like there'll be a review of Oswestry traffic flow soon.  In anticipation of that, we'd like to know what YOU would say are Oswestry's traffic hot spots, bottlenecks, problems, places which really need sorting out.

Also, if you have ideas on how it might be organised more effectively, let us know.

We will pass on any comments to the review.

Some that come to mind are:

  • Smithfield St/Marks and Spencer - virtual one-way and dangerous for crossing.
  • English Walls/Leg St roundabout - often a bottleneck.
  • Cross St closure - has been much debate about this for and against.

It's clear that Oswestry's traffic flow is complex and we hope the review will be done "in the round" and consider not just traffic, but the impact on pedestrians, disability access ramps, shops and the general experience of being in town.

Please add you comments below.

Thank you.

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