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9th July 2009
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Twitter is the Jonathon Ross of the online world - you either love it or hate it.

Having said that, as many of the initial prejudices have evaporated, largely brought about by the connotations of the name "Twitter" itself, businesses in particular have come around to seeing it's potential.

There was a time when Twitter was ALL ABOUT NUMBERS OF FOLLOWERS. It seemed like the only product being sold was how to get more Twitter followers.

Since then, businesses have realised that the beauty of Twitter is in the creation and nurturing of relationships which can become really significant business relationships.

Twitter provides a context in which to find those you would like to meet and get to know in a very gentle and personable way.  Twitter is about PEOPLE not products.  Those that "get it" will enjoy and benefit from their time on Twitter.  Those that don't won't.

I have been commissioned to write an article for the coming Border Business magazine on using Twitter for Business.  If you are wanting to get 1000's followers every day, start a religion, but don't get a Twitter account. :)

My article will be about CREATING AND NURTURING PRODUCTIVE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS through the medium of this fascinating communication channel called "Twitter" - hope you enjoy it.

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