Total Care Lite from Micro Plus Computers, Oswestry
6th February 2011
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The fact is, from time to time, computers break down, get viruses, yes ok, from time to time we spill coffee on them (guilty as charged) - and we need someone in the know to sort it out.

On top of that, computers have - for many - become the place to store their ideas, family photos, finances and on and on.  When they do break, it can cost an arm and a leg.

Well now, Micro Plus Computers have come up with a very sensible plan to that gives peace of mind should something unexpected occur on your PC - it's called TOTAL CARE LITE.

In a nutshell, from just £4.75 a month for a single computer (i.e. 16p a day!) TOTAL CARE LITE provides a comprehensive repair and support service covering all labour costs for umlimited computer repairs including software related problems.

So, not only do you free yourself from unexpected repair costs but you get a Priority Service too!


To find out more about TOTAL CARE LITE from MICRO PLUS in Oswestry, just call in to their shop on Bailey St or on the Maesbury estate - or give them a call on 01691 670960.

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