Tokens of affection at Christmas
9th December 2014
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In the madness of the dream,  savvy sanity hides.

I am now officially of the age where it is mandatory to give either something woolly (socks), something sensible (underwear), or something boring but immensely useful (gift vouchers) – which possibly is bad news for my lissom goddaughter!

I remember being on the receiving end of said gifts as a youngster, and being rather rude about the thoughtful gifts, although happy to brandish the book tokens about in the local bookshop come the New Year.  The passing of time sure does make you appreciate it the more.

Here are a few gift token ideas to help solve the annual Christmas gift conundrum.

New couple in new home?  A discrete and welcome gift could be buying them their first real Christmas Tree.  Pentreclawdd Christmas Tree Farm have a lovely selection from small to tall and have a special £5.00 voucher offer to spend in their rather lovely Christmas Shop.  

The finickity among your loved ones will probably appreciate a book token from Booka, to spend at their leisure.  Booka are not just about books you know, but music and a selection of really lovely covetable things.

I am sure that I am not the only one who think a perfect present would be a gift token for my favourite shop- Sissy Blu, or for a new look, new hairstyle at Hi-Style.  And speaking about ‘new look, new me’ – a voucher for a spa day or beauty day at either the Wynnstay Spa or Lion Quays would surely help me on my determined path come the New Year.

Honey Pots is a treasure trove of gifts and cards, and it can sometimes be the best thing you can do to pop some vouchers into a Christmas stocking for those hard to please teenage girls looking for something fab in jewellery – and they do stock some lovely Pilgrim accessories.

KinoKulture, our own lovely Cinema – has a cracking range of films coming out next year, but chances are maybe your taste in films doesn’t really coincide with your favourite filmgoer, so buy them some tickets to be used at any time – and happiness will abound.

Finally, what could be a more appropriate gift for the golfer in your life than vouchers from Mile End Golf Club; whether to put toward next year's membership, or getting the perfect club.

So, just a few ideas to pop in your mind as you make your way down the Pressie List.

Have a happy Christmas!



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