The WIlfred Owen Arts Commission
8th December 2014
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Wilfred Owen, for many, the true poet of the Great War, is to have his life and work celebrated in his home town of Oswestry in Shropshire.

The work, of national significance, aims to bring awareness and remembrance of his life and poetry to a wider audience and future generations, whilst providing an important focal point for reflection, in the place where his deepest imagination was formed. 

The bold commission looks to be a poetic and poignant bridge between the town of Owen’s birth, Oswestry, and Ors, the French village where he was killed, just days before armistice was declared.

John Waine, Festival Director of the Oswestry LitFest which is held every year, around the poet's birthday of 18th March, is excited by the proposal, “This commission is the culmination of a lot of work to fully recognise Wilfred’s legacy, in his home town. We were hugely inspired by the imagination and determination of Ors, to recognise Wilfred's life and work with their stunning artwork around the Forester’s House, in which Wilfred spent his final evening. We hope that ours too, can be as powerful and poignant.”

The project is a community partnership between Oswestry Town Council, Qube and The Best Of Oswestry, with Qube bringing their expertise in art commissioning.

“The commemorations of the Great War, have clearly brought Wilfred Owen’s work to great prominence,” said Laurel Roberts of Qube, “and so this is the perfect time, we feel, to crystallise such recognition with a bold commission of creative and imaginative endeavour.”

The project begins now, to encourage artists from around the world, to send in their ideas for consideration, with the intention to have the work installed and un-veiled in 2018. Deadline for initial entries is 13th February 2015.

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