The Oswestry Water Debate
8th October 2009
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So, Oswestry water may again come from the Welsh Hills if public opinion gets it's way?

Doing my own vox pop around town today, I heard some pretty gruesome stories of Oswestry water.

I heard that it often had a smell of stagnant water, that it had a scum on the top, that some businesses in town were going through kettles like hotcakes because of the liming up, the taste of too much chlorine - in a nutshell, you wouldn't want to drink it, never mind give it to your kids.

It appears that United Utilities are interested in taking the problem off Severn Trent's hands.  When will this happen?  Who knows?  These things typically move at the rate of a snail with a penchant for taking it easy.

So what can be done?  Well till they sort it out, the options are:

1. Buy bottled water - good for the supermarkets and good for you, unless you can't or don't want to carry 6 litres of water every week.  And it's not cheap.

2. Install a filter yourself which some claim to remove Rust, Iron, Asbestos fibres, Maganese Oxide, Sulphur, Lead, Copper, Cadmium and Aluminium.  Need to keep any eye on these when they fail.

3. Rent a plumbed-in or water-delivered Water Cooler with clean water available at anytime.  Get it cleaned and serviced without thinking about it.

p.s. For more info, contact Mike at Natural Welsh Water on 01691-688999, or visit them at the Maesbury Industrial Estate. They also do a Free Trial

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