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24th November 2011
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As part of their plans to make Oswestry Town Museum a true reflection of the History of the Town of Oswestry the group behind the project have announced that the Museum will include a Timeline stretching from the formation of the rocks that Oswestry sits on right up to the present day and with space to update it in the future on an annual basis. Mark Hignett for the group said “We have to remember that what happens this year is next years history” adding “in particular visitors to the town next year could be interested in what happened the previous year as being part of the history of the town.”

All timelines include well known famous people and events and in this instance we will be no different but in an innovative move we plan to include local people who have been involved in an event or done something that was important to Oswestry and in some cases the rest of the world but which did not make them famous, one of the best examples of this is the case of the Oswestry Farmer who tested the very first electric milking machine for Fullwood and Bland in Ellesmere, it didn’t make him famous but when you consider the impact that the successful trial had on the whole world of agriculture, his name just has to be on the Oswestry Timeline.

The group are appealing for anyone who may know of a relative, neighbour, local resident, friend, business or event that they think should be included on the History of Oswestry Timeline to get in touch with them with details as soon as possible.

The Timeline details need to be finalised by December 21st so that the Timeline panels can be produced ready for the Museum’s opening day on March 1st 2012

The group can be contacted via e-mail on by phoning Mark on 01948 781079 or by letter to The Guildhall, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 1PZ

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