The Oswestry Food and Drink Festival 2009 - Review
14th July 2009
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If ever we needed proof that G-d has a soft spot for Oswestry it was Saturday, when the forecast was for heavy rain and we had barely a drop...hey, it was even sunny at times!

With nearly 50 exhibitors along Cross St, New St and Bailey St, the range and quality was just wonderful.  Even before the exhibitors had set-up, people were pouring into town.  Natural Game has to quickly get tasters out...and it hadn't officially started yet. :)

The mayor opened the festival at 10am.  We had bought some lovely ribbon for the occasion, which decided to disappear at the vital moment.  Then, someone had the bright idea of using bunting instead - BRILLIANT!  And so, the bunting was cut and the festival opened.

Our opera duo, Bell'Aria surprised many people with their breathtaking renditions of classical arias and songs from musicals; Grace and Kerry were true stars and even the barber in town was smitten.

That was followed by some terrific kurdish dancing by a troupe from Llangollen Eisteddford on Albion Hill.

By the afternoon, the town was full to the brim with many saying how it reminded them of "Oswestry of old".

In the evening, the stalls went down, litter was picked up and exhausted, the festival team wended their way home, to prepare for another 5.30am start on Sunday.

As last year, Sunday was way more relaxed - more of a family day.  Many took the opportunity to bring their dogs along and it might be renamed "Dog Sunday" next year. :)

The amazing Border Beat Band did a stint on the Bailey Head which really enlivened the place - they were great!

Many of the exhibitors thoroughly enjoyed the festival and loved the combination of a well-organised yet relaxed festival.

This 3rd year was truly significant for The Oswestry Food & Drink Festival. 

For me, after three years of hard work, we finally came of age, and now is the time for the festival to become a fully council-supported event because the benefits to the town, not only over the weekend, but across the year and beyond, are numerous and need to be supported and encouraged.

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