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17th August 2010
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Please allow me to explain a little of my life only two or three years ago and perhaps it will help you to understand why this next chapter which will begin in September of this year is so exciting and quite unbelievable for me.

My life only a few years ago was so very very different.  I lived in a 3 storey house near Bolton.  My back condition was so severe, I struggled to get up and down stairs, in and out of bed, and I certainly couldn't drive.  I was literally housebound with my two young children who had to play inside of the house all of the time.  The only people that helped were my husband (who unfortunately had to work long hours) and my Mum and Dad but being of ill health themselves, their help was limited.

I was diagnosed by my doctor as having severe depression.  I'm sure this was as a result of my circumstances.  I had a spinal operation and additional pain relief which did give me some respite but with all the issues I have with my spine, I am still disabled much to my frustration.

We took the decision that we had to move to be near to my husband's family who could really help and support us and so we moved to mid Wales.  We got an automatic car which meant I could drive.  Our children began to make lots of wonderful friends, our daughter started at the local school and our son spent a few hours at nursery.  Life became so very different.

As you know, this year I began my passion for my art and our life continues to improve.  Although my physical disability means restrictions on my life, my emotional wellbeing is so much better which in turn, allows me to better manage my pain.

All that said, what is the next chapter for me then?  Well, my youngest son will start at the local school also.  This means for the first time in 5 years I will be without my children during the day.  My husband who uses a room in our house as his office is expanding his business and so the office will become my very own art studio.

Of course I will miss my children but I know they will be/are happy at school.  I will have the opportunity to be myself during those hours and create whatever I wish in my new art studio.  I'm so looking forward to redesigning the room to make it more conducive to creativity (and of course, protecting the carpet lol).  I'm so excited, I'm like a kid again :-).


Jude xxx

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