The Ice Cream Wars
30th June 2009
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So now we have the ice cream wars. :)

A young man setting out on a new venture and an established local business - both selling delicious icecream - and having tried both, I found them both very nice indeed!

Issue 1: Should it be allowed to sell ice cream at the entrance to Cae Glas park by the memorial?

Clearly, opinions are divided on this, but that is in the nature of opinions - there is no right and wrong in terms of the law, only differing opinions based on different life experiences and values.

For myself, who's father fought in the war, I don't see any problem with a small cycle driven attractive umbrella stand ice cream vendor.  Having said that, I wouldn't be comfortable with an ice cream van parked there.  Odd isn't it, the way things play on your emotions and values.

Issue 2: Should a new vendor be allowed to sell within a certain distance of a previously established vendor?

Not sure of the exact law on this, but one would imagine this is part of the licensing rules.  For example, in Powis Hall there is a rule (unwritten?) that no two stalls sell the same kind of items in the same kind of way - I suppose to give everyone a fair whack.

I guess it's up to the council to decide on the legality and for the public to decide on the morality.

No doubt this will rumble on until the next "scandal".


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