The Best of Oswestry New Year's Honours - BBR Opticians
20th November 2012
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We all know how our local businesses work extremely hard to make sure that you get the best quality of service possible, but how many of you are aware of the work they quietly do in the background, supporting local causes in the community. They rarely make a song and dance about it, but what they do is immensely valuable.

Between now and the New Year, we will be blogging about those businesses and what they do for their chosen causes. The first under the lens is local Opticians, BBR.

They outreach at local, national and international levels. Locally, they do not hesitate to go the extra mile, making home visits for those customers who, perhaps because of infirmity, or illness, can't make it to town to choose frames, or have them fitted.

Nationally, they are supporters of The Guide Dogs for the Blind, and more specifically, sponsor the initial and ongoing training of Dudley, a young labrador pup who is being trained to become a Guide Dog.

Internationally, they work with Vision Aid Overseas, to provide wearable and serviceable spectacles to people in African countries, recently Malawi, who have eyesight difficulties but for who glasses are either not available or can't be afforded. So when you drop off those old spectacles you no longer need, the glasses are cleaned, prescriptions taken and sorted, ready to make a real difference in people's lives.

For more info, contact BBR Opticians on 01691 654327

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