31st July 2011
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Saturday, 30th July was TAKE2THESTREETS Day.  What is TAKE2THESTREETS Day? Well, it's where Oswestry's shops, businesses, groups, musicians, artists - i.e. the people of Oswestry, do their thing on the streets.  Simple idea isn't it.  And yet, it's genius, because you just never know what is going to happen.  And Saturday was, for me, one of the highlights of Oswestry's year for a million different reasons.

We decided to share the TAKE2THESTREETS Stall on the bottom of Bailey Street, so we could cover both - and there was truly never a dull moment, and I didn't see the half of it! :D

We saw musicians, artists, performance art, dancers - which got us to 10.30am. :)  Stagecoach Performing Arts School came along to Cross Street and did some some wonderful upliting dance moves - the children clearly loving it, and others joining in.  A crowd gathered to capture the whole thing digitally - as you do these days.

Musicians and Circus Acts followed to keep us entertained with jugglers and mime artists.  The band were superb and livened the place up.  At one point, a chap on a mobility scooter took out his harmonica, was handed a microphone and jammed along with the lads from Tribal Jam.  TOP STUFF! :D

On Red Square, Neil Phillip's gave a debut performance of Supermarket - superb!  REplayIt made badges, faces were painted, balloons constructed.

Outside Bellon, art and sculpture was displayed and artists were seen flagrantly eating ice creams.  Disgraceful. :)

The Oswestry Collective took over the old Stationery Box shop on Bailey Street and turned it into an arts collective of prints, projection and music.  And talking of music - it was everywhere: Cross St, Red Square, Church St and the Bailey Head.

The Market was thronging too where Mary Poppins was keeping children entertained with story telling.

And then, in the evening, we watched the truly astonishing YouTube film LIFE IN A DAY screen by Kinokulture at the Attfield Theatre (which for those who've never been, has one of the best movie sound systems I've ever heard) - which seemed to mirror the amazing OSWESTRY IN A DAY that we'd just had.

As I said, I didn't get to see a great deal, so please let me know what you saw and what went on near you.  Or email us your pics at oswestry@thebestof.co.uk and we'll put together a collection.

BIG THANKS TO Wendy at The Gates on Church St, who's inspiration and drive, along with all the volunteers and with Oswestry Town Council's support, made this event a TRULY SPECIAL DAY in Oswestry's history.

Looking forward to next year! :D


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