Smithfield Supermarket Developer Getting Off The Bus!
17th November 2014
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"In essence therefore what the applicant/developer is now proposing is to remove the shuttle bus provision and pay to the Council a single financial contribution of £1.37 million to enable the Council to invest that money in securing and supporting bus services which would link the site to the town centre but also provide a wider benefit to Oswestry."

"On the basis of increased patronage and development of the SAMDev housing allocation and other developments along the Shrewsbury Road corridor there is the potential for this contribution to be utilised beyond the 10 year minimum funding period."

"In support of the applicant/developer’s position to amend the 106 it highlights a number of benefits:-
• Provides a frequent service 30 mins during the day
time and evening to run
between 08.00hrs to 23.00 hrs Monday to Sunday.
• Allows an existing and viable service route to be
altered to serve the foodstore/
retail park and therefore limited impact on the via
bility of other transport
services within Oswestry.
• Can be combined with an existing route and therefo
re maximises the suitability
and viability of a service to the foodstore/ retail
• Focus upon linking Oswestry town centre with the s
ite and thus the promotion
of linked shopping trips.
• The service would remain ‘free’ to use at point of
contact. A return ticket would
be issued which could be used at any stop to return
to the site. Potential
therefore to widen the number of linked trips/desti
nations within Oswestry.

Also a registered service and which would be advert
ised and promoted by the
foodstore/retail park."

"Officers would advise members that changes to the approved scheme will bring the consent back into risk of judicial review if the consent is not based on sound planning reasons and policy. The authority does have to consider the current proposal and take into account the matters raised within the application. It is a matter of balancing whether what is being proposed continues to make the development of the Livestock Market site for edge-of-town retail acceptable, not result in harm to the viability and vitality of the town centre but also not place unreasonable burdens on the development which would mean that the development did not proceed."


Read the attached PDF to get the full information.

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