Save Our Cherry Trees in Red Square
25th August 2010
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When the cherry trees in Red Square are in blossom, it is one of the most beautiful sights in Oswestry!  Shropshire Council would like to remove these maturing cherry trees and replace them with Golden Rain trees because of trip & slip concerns. 

I couldn't quite believe it when I read the planning application stuck on the lampost on Red Square - it was so stark. It says:

Proposal: To remove 9 x Cherry Trees and replace with Koelreuteria Paniculata (Golden Rain Trees) within Oswestry Conservation Area.

The Planning Application No is: 10/03430/TCA

This can be viewed at the council offices at Castle View, or via the Planning Portal

In the application documentation, there is barely any detailed explanation as to WHY these trees are to be killed, nor ANY consideration of the alternatives.  It appears that a desire to perform this removal and replacement during an upcoming resurfacing of the car park is what is driving the haste.


The council, given that they planted these Cherry Trees, must be thrilled with the way they have enhanced an otherwise concreted area.  Also, they have a responsibility to the trees they have planted, not to root them up without due consideration.

These Cherry Trees have become an important part of the Oswestry Town Centre landscape and are one of the first things a visitor or local sees when crossing from the Central Car Park.  Notwithstanding that, they also provide a useful function in providing a canopy for the Xmas lights - once again, a stunning part of Oswestry's christmas decorations.

As such, these are not just trees.

Personally, I would like to object to the proposal until a more comprehensive assessment of the alternatives has been explored - and not simply a justification for the original decision.

I ask Shropshire Council to see how these trees might be retained, particularly as they have now reached a stage of maturity where they can be truly enjoyed.

Other approaches have been adopted around the world, and I hope they will be considered thoughtfully.


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