REVIEW: Mary Coughlan at Theatre Severn
19th February 2012
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This was my first visit (at least to the inside) of Theatre Severn and it's quite snazzy.  As I pulled in to the car park, streams of 40 somethings wandered past.  Turns out the crowds were largely for Suggs. Madness, especially when Mary was in town.  Yes, I'm biased.

I first heard Mary Coughlan on The South Bank Show.  She seemed to come from nowhere and Melv wanted to let us know about it. She sang, "I want to be seduced" and I was.  Been a fan ever since, though had never seen her live.

The Walker Theatre is a tidy, intimate space.  I sat in C8, 3rd row from the front, off middle. Near enough to the obsessive fans, but far enough away to avoid their unconscious rocking and knee tapping.

The room was less than half-full. A real shame with a class act like Mary Coughlan.  Maybe Theatre Severn need to take a second look at their marketing.  Find it hard to believe that Shrewsbury wouldn't have filled this room many times over, if only they'd known.  I heard from friends - thank you Charlie and Retty!

Mary, accompanied by pianist Pawel, started with some classics from her early work such as Double Cross (Tired & Emotional) and ended with Nobody's Business from the same.

Throughout Mary filled the stage with her warmth and open-hearted approach to the songs and the audience.  She really seems to be in a good place.

Each song was spell-binding in the literal sense, only letting you go as the song ended.  There is no better performer of a song in the land. Really.

A cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart was completely amazing - the sort of cover that transforms the song and makes it her own. Listen to it if you get the chance (will try and dig out a link).

All in all, a night to remember. Up there with seeing Tom Waits in Paris.  Thank you Mary and Pawel!



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