Relocation, Relocation, Relocation!
12th August 2010
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In recent weeks and months, the retail landscape in Oswestry has seen quite a few changes.  For me, these are good signs that businesses are being pro-active and re-configuring and sometimes re-positioning their businesses for the coming years.

Each of the businesses mentioned below have made very positive moves, in my opinion - and we certainly wish them very well in their new location!

Covent Garden, the vegetable and fruit grocers have moved from the arcade on the Central Car Park to English Walls.  To my eyes, it's never looked busier, and the shop size seems an ideal fit. Also the location gives it excellent exposure from the road as well as great passing trade from the car park.  They've done a really nice job on converting the inside and with the attractive awning have certainly enhanced the look along English Walls.

Shlurp! is a new business that started life along Beatrice St by Morisson's and they have moved to Albion Hill.  Again, it's great to see such creative energy and enthusiam being poured into Oswestry's independent shops.  They've made it bright and breezy, and their shakes are something else - go along and try one! :)

Music Makers was on Albion Hill for many years and have recently moved to a shop along Chapel Court by Milano's Caffe.  Once again, walk in, and it feels like just the right size with a great selection of instruments, music books and sheet music.

Jackson's is a much-loved fashion shop which is currently in the process of relocation from Leg St.  Such a great little shop and we wish them well in their new move!

Earthlink and Good Vibrations have merged the two shops into one and have relocated to Leg St previously the Shropshire Bridal Centre.  This is such a large shop and it's fantastic to see it full to the brim with ethnic and gothic goodies :) and the extensive fancy dress range.

Knit One Purl One also moved from their shop on Beatrice St into one of the gorgeous Fighting Cocks old buildings.  Once again, looks like a great fit and a very attractive looking shop.

I take my hat off to all these inspiring Oswestry businessmen and women; and wish each and every one of them success in their new settings.  Whilst we have people like this, willing to invest their time, energy and money into the Town Centre, Oswestry has a lively present and healthy future to look forward to.



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