Publication of "Acupressure the Essential Guide" by local author, Denis Jevon
21st October 2012
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'Acupressure the Essential Guide' is a book of two parts. Part One covers the background and history of Acupressure going back 5 - 10,000 years in China. Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Oriental Diagnosis, Meridians and Pressure Points are all covered. Different types of Acupressure available today are described. Part Two is in the form of a self help manual. How to locate and stimulate pressure points is described. Many points for common ailments and problems are shown with extensive illustrations. There is even a section on how to help Dogs and Horses with Acupressure. Modern Acupressure related techniques such as EFT are also described and many useful techniques are given to help with Emotional and Psychological problems relating to humans and animals. This book is suitable for absolute beginners onwards.
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