Oswestry's Keep Our Town Special Campaign against Supermarket Development
20th February 2010
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A campaign is now under-way to "Keep Our Town Special" around Oswestry.

The campaign is hoping to encourage people who do not feel Oswestry needs yet another supermarket - on top of Sainsbury's. Morissons, Stan's, Co-op, Aldi, Iceland, Marks & Spencer, not to mention the many supermarkets (and those being built) that already surround Oswestry - to let their voice be heard. 

It also aims to put the spotlight on the devastating impact such out-of-town planning developments can have on a market town by attempting to remove our reasons for enjoying and shopping in town.

Planning Meeting

On 18th March, there will be a planning meeting to discuss the four planning applications.  It's important, if your care about the future of Oswestry as a thriving town centre, that you let your voice be heard be emailing or writing to the Principal Planning Officer, Tim Rogers.
(Email: tim.rogers@shropshire.gov.uk)

Example Letter

An example letter highlighting the issues involved was provided by the campaign to be used as a basis for your own letter/email:

Dear Mr Rogers

Proposed Supermarket Developments in Oswestry

I/we are writing to oppose any further supermarket development in Oswestry. There are already enough supermarkets for the town's needs.

All four applications are contrary to local, regional and national planning policy and guidelines.

Further supermarket development would have a negative impact on the economy of the town, on employment and on retail choice.

Oswestry already has a good mix of independent shops and national chain stores.  It is the job of councillors and officers to protect this balance and represent us.

Please make my views known to the members of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Yours sincerely,

CPRE Shropshire

CPRE Shropshire said, "There is no need for out-of-town supermarkets at Oswestry and they will damage the town’s existing town centre shops." That’s the message from Mike Bullen, Chairman of CPRE Oswestry, as the campaign group publishes a new critique of the retail studies that purport to present a case for the developments. "Oswestry is in danger of being swamped by one or more unnecessary and over-size supermarkets, and it could be the end of independent shopping in our town centre" Mike continues. "Do the people really want bland supermarket aisles instead of a vibrant market town, with local shops selling local produce? No, they do not - but the planning juggernaut seems to be marching on regardless of what is good for Oswestry."


For more information on the campaign, if you'd like to be involved, click on CPRE Shropshire or visit Oswestry21 or write to OS21, PO Box 240, Oswestry, SY10 1BW.

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