Oswestry Supermarket Bids & New Planning Rules
29th December 2009
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Someone told me recently that Oswestry is the only town in the UK with 4 supermarket planning proposals on the go!  I wonder why it's so popular with the developers?  Hmmmm?

This "supermarket issue" is either complex or simple depending on your point of view.  Personally, I would rather not have another supermarket and see plenty of existing opportunities for digital cinema.

Well today, the Planning Guidelines have been changed by Housing and Planning Minister John Healey.  There have been massively simplified with the guidance being reduced from 137 pages to just 32!

The Sequential Test remains and perhaps the biggest change is the switch from a "needs" test to an "impact" test which looks at the range of potential consequences such a new development might bring.

Now, in Oswestry's case, I wonder whether this guidance can be applied as the planning is already in progress with the decision looking to be made in Jan or Mar 2010? 

Isn't it only common sense - particularly in the context of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference - that a thorough and up-to-date Impact Assessment is conducted - involving voices from all sides of the town.

Then we can make an objective and rational decision, as opposed to the previous shenanigans we've had.

Local Government Minister, Rosie Winterton said, "As the Government's champion for traditional markets I am delighted that this new economic planning policy will make it easier for town halls to protect and enhance existing markets as part of their vision for the town centre."

That says it all doesn't it!

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