Oswestry Smithfield Development - Part II (Ref: 14/00164/VAR)
1st May 2014
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What's occurring along at the Smithfield Development?

Well, it appears that, "The scheme, as currently consented, is not financially viable due to the costs associated with the provision of the primary sub-station"

Surely, the developers didn't forget to include the sub-station that would power the site?  Or did they include it in the plans but widely underestimate the cost?

The developers are making several planning requests, which - if they are not met - then presumably, its bye bye out of town development.

The question is...?

What has any of this got to do with the costs of a primary sub-station?


You can download the PDF to see the details of the Planning Request.

Page 14 or Section 5 "Analysis of the Relevant Issues" has the key points.


For the full details and all the documents, log in to Shropshire Council's Planning Portal:


...and search for "14/00164/VAR".

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