Oswestry Optician's Action Saves Customer's Eyesight
23rd August 2010
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I know from my own experience that it's not until you are close to losing your eyesight, do you appreciate the value of it.  Here is the story of a local customer of BBR Opticians in Oswestry who has had a couple of close calls over the years and shows the importance of having an Optician with the skills and attention to detail to really make the difference. 

Here is his story in his own words:

"To whom it may concern:

I am delighted to recommend BBR Opticians for the following reasons:

When we lived in Oswestry, my wife and I regularly had vision checks at BBR and new lenses when necessary.

About 10 years ago, a problem was detected in one of my eyes and Mrs Bristoll recommended that I consult my doctor immediately. The doctor recognised a possible detached retina and arranged an urgent appointment at Shrewsbury hospital. Within a week I had undergone an operation. Without this i could have lost the sight in my left eye.

In 2008, we moved to Shrewsbury and when I noticed my eyesight seemed to be deteriotating I decided it would be sensible to visit a local optician rather than travel to Oswestry. Bad decision!

This well-known optician tested my eyes, ordered new lenses and provided me with new glasses.  My sight was little better so I returned and requested a re-test. This was done and showed that the new lenses were correct. After several fruitless return trips I decided it was time to return to BBR in Oswestry.

Initially, the issue puzzled BBR staff too, but soon they suggested a visit to the hospital again as my symptoms showed sign of cataracts.

Indeed BBR were right again and I was given an appointment for my left eye to be operated on, quickly followed by the right.

Within a month i had a new pair of glasses from BBR and better eyesight than ever.

Needless to say I will continue to travel to Oswestry for any further checks. My wife didn't make the same mistake and has continued to be treated by BBR.

I cannot recommend the practice highly enough."

To find out more, click BBR Opticians.

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