Oswestry has a bright future - Oswestry BID can be the catalyst
18th June 2017
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The Oswestry BID is an opportunity to do things differently, to get things done for the improvement of the town as a whole. You might call it a catalyst for change.

As an organiser of events in town, I see many groups and individuals working with energy and good intent to imagine and implement events across the town and for all sorts of different audiences. Whether its an event for kids in the park, or brass bands, or live music, or well-known authors, or choirs, or knitting, or supporting carers, or learning a language, or to raise funds for local charities, or a host of other marvellous things - this is an essential glue that helps to bind a community together, and lifts the spirits when the world serves up its gloom.

I see Oswestry BID playing a key role in the town, providing a clearer structure and framework to support this network of event makers. Events are good for business too. The Oswestry Food & Drink Festival has brought nearly £4 million into the town over the course of its life, that wouldn’t have been here otherwise. And that is just one single event.

So how can Oswestry BID be a catalyst for events? It can connect event organisers together, sharing ideas, resources, and tips. It can provide a more cohesive means of promotion that all events can tap into. It can give events a platform, and work with business to get involved so the benefits reach a wider audience.

Oswestry has a bright future, but something has to change. We need a catalyst for change, and that catalyst can be Oswestry BID.

If you’d like to know more about Oswestry BID, visit www.oswestry4bid.co.uk and complete the survey. We want your ideas.

The BID Development project is being supported with funds from the Oswestry town council and Shropshire County council. 

- John Waine, Festival Director, Oswestry Food Festival

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