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24th January 2011
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Oswestry Freegle Group is part of a national grassroots organisation of people throughout the United Kingdom who are giving and receiving free unwanted items in their immediate communities.

Free-what? Freegle puts people who have stuff they don’t need in touch with people who need stuff they don’t have. You join your local online group (on Yahoo or via Facebook), and post a message describing what you want to get rid of, or what you’re looking for. People reply, and you sort out collection or delivery between you. Simple, convenient, and entirely free – free to join, free to use, and everything on it is a free gift. It saves money, effort, and the planet all at the same time.

You can freegle for all sorts of reasons. You might be short of cash so ask for something you need or you might just decide your old curtains don’t work in your new flat and decide to give them away. You might be passionate about the environment  and fight against a consumerist lifestyle or you might just not want the hassle of arranging selling on via the small ads and Ebay. We’ve all looked at something and thought ‘It’s a shame to throw that away’ – so don’t, give it away instead!

Just because there’s something you don’t want any more, does that mean nobody else would want it? While you didn’t get that breadmaker for Christmas, might someone just round the corner be just about to freegle theirs.

There are 284 Freegle groups, with more than 1.1 million members spread all across the UK. The Oswestry Freegle group was founded in 2005 and has been growing steadily ever since, it now has over 2200 members and averages around 700 messages a month.

So what kinds of things get freegled? Pretty much anything: baby clothes & equipment, crockery, exercise bikes, 3 tons of topsoil, washing machines, tables, sofas, freezers, the odd car and occasional old caravan... pretty much anything you can imagine that’s free and legal.

You can join Oswestry Freegle Group in two ways:

Via Facebook:  www.facebook.com/OswestryFreegle

Via Yahoo: www.freegle.in/oswestry

Follow OswestryFreegle on Twitter too!

You can find out more about Freegle in general and groups in other areas by visiting www.ilovefreegle.org

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A quick introduction - I'm John Waine, Director of TheBestOfOswestry. Having lived in this beautiful area for around 20 years now, I have decided to stay. :)

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