Oswestry BID Launch (Business Improvement District)
3rd March 2017
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The launch of Oswestry BID (Business Improvement District) takes place on March 15th and all locally-based businesses, in or around the town centre or industrial estate, are invited.  The launch aims to introduce the BID, show how the BID works, and illustrate what good BIDs can achieve for a town’s local economy.

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According to the latest nationwide survey from British BIDs, there are 216 BIDs.  In 2016, 31 new BIDs came into being with 40 being renewed.  The Oswestry BID working group is seeking to build on this learning from around the UK, and bring in the collaborative experience and ideas of local business owners to forge a business plan that works to benefit Oswestry’s economy in a practical, sustainable, vibrant fashion.

The working group have identified five broad themes are the basis for discussion, namely: Giving business a strategic voice in economic growth issues concerning the town; impacting/influencing local infrastructure such as transport and public realm, along with virtual infrastructures internet such as and mobile; aiming to promote Oswestry across in a way that connects business, culture, heritage and tourism; meeting the needs for skills through developing an education base and relevant skills provision for sustainable business growth; and finally, working collaboratively within the area and outside to enhance business landscape and environment.

“This is just a starting point,” says BID Chair, Gary Ridgeway.  “The launch will be followed by a whole series of meeting and get-togethers with local businesses owners, because it is they that hold the keys to Oswestry’s future economic success and viability, and we’re excited at what can be achieved by Oswestry becoming a business improvement district.  It’s a case of stick with the status quo, or take the initiative, and given the entrepreneurial spirit in the area, we see a lot of positive energy about what’s not only possible, but probable.

The Oswestry BID Launch takes place on March 15th at 5.15pm for a 5.30pm start at Carriages at the Cambrian Works, Gobowen Rd, Oswestry SY11 1HS.

If you would like more information about Oswestry BID, or wish to be kept up to date with the latest developments, you are asked to email: feedback@oswestry4bid.co.uk

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