My Top Ten iPhone Apps
19th May 2010
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Since using an Apple iPhone, the availability of Apps which a whiole range of features - often for free - has saved me time and provided better tools for organising tasks and appointments etc.  In this short post, I share my Top Ten iPhone Apps that really work well.

  1. Personal Informant
    After recent updates, this has now become a much better Organiser.  With multiple colour-coded calendars, tasks and appointments, various display formats and ease of navigation, it is the best of the best - in my opinion.
  2. Now Do This
    Having said that about Personal Informant, Now Do This is great for those little jobs that you quickly want to jot down and get done without adding it to your main tasks/appointments.  It's very simple and intuitive to use, displaying a single task cleanly on the screen.
  3. Tweetdeck
    If you use Twitter, then Tweetdeck ticks most if not all the boxes.  It allows you to keep track of various accounts and columns, so you don't miss any vital tweets.  With 3G, it's lighting fast; and no so bad with a good mobile signal.
  4. Facebook
    Again, if you want to keep updated with status updates, this is an excellent tool, which pushes notifications of messages etc.  Very handy.
  5. WunderRadio
    Not that great with a normal mobile signal, but with 3G and WiFi, gives you the full range of Radio Stations.  At certain times, it's just the job.
  6. AudioBooks
    This is an amazing service that streams audiobooks from the LibriVox project.  Many books are free and mostly are well-read.
  7. CoPilot UK
    Very handy when you're lost. :)
  8. Telegraph
    Not quite my politics, but the best News app available - in my opinion. Sky News is another well-made app if a little dodgy content-wise.
  9. WhatTheFont
    Very handy little app if you see a font that you can't place.  WhatTheFont will give you some options.
  10. BBCSport606
    Excellent summary of sports news all by category
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